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bmr units. i do see the nexus in my one semester of law school, but i believe the attorney to opine. >> i have two comments. one is thank you for taking care of this beautiful home. if you look at some of the hi storical photos of the panama pacific expo significance of 1915, i believe that home is in a really prominent spot and many of the photographs are taken top of the hill summer street. so, thank you for that. * exposition this is a unique, creative, generous solution. so, i'm in full support. >> commissioner moore. >> this is an extremely difficult case. staff makes recommendation relative to a freestanding building with a roof deck, which is a large historic home. so, we are approving the roof deck and the by-product, bmr units, i'm not saying this is respectful, but it is a reality. what is in front of us, mr. star's analysis is correct, we have a substandard law and five variances for those units to even be approvable. for those small units that is a large ask. under normal circumstances when we have substandard or constrained lots, our purpose is to look at the units fir
want to make sure that everyone gets along. law & order is really important and we have to be respectful of each other. and i'm all for improvements that we can make to make the tenants' lives more comfortable. however, you know, i don't want to hear any reports of any kind of illegal activities. i'm not saying it's coming from anybody here. i'm just saying, you know, that really bothers me when that kind of thing happens and you read about it and nothing has been done from what i can understand. so, i think those are some suggestions. and if we can move forward with the double pane windows and anything else that will make -- make a laundry list of what tenants need and we'll see if we can work something out. >> commissioner hillis. >> question for staff. do we have the authority to change -- if we, you know, continue this here, we don't take action. do we always have the authority to reduce the hours of operation for outdoor seating? >> the way the condition is written right now, you can direct the za to do it. so the za can do it. or if you yourself want to change it,
. consequences of not doing housing elements in compliance with state law is one of the other conditions of being a jurisdiction eligible to receive block grant funding is a have to have -- housing element. one of the challenges to the region in the planning process if they don't have a ton of tools sticks and carrots to make things happen; one of the things that they do have is transportation funding, they have done a good job of time something that control to a consequence. >> the other question that we talked about, the priority projects, 13, a lot of other areas have newer transportation systems so they don't have the issues that we have. how are like maintenance and ongoing operations supported? i love the new project and we need those, but especially for muni the challenges are existing. >> of the entire revenue in the plan, 88% is dedicating to operating and maintaining the existing system; the challenges that -- gets us to maintaining the infrastructure at today's levels. twe may desire to get a higher state of repair than what we have. >> the biggest challenge that we
business type people, due to the nature of my business. i'm a paralegal for a law firm. and this particular location is going to be ideal for meeting with, and socializing in a safe and vibrant context, with the combination of music and good culturacultural cuisine. i believe it will also increase the vibrancy and the safety of -- that's consistent with what we're trying
request. so it is not a change in city law but request that possibly city agencies and members of the public concerned would come and talk about the issue. >> i have one additional question, thank you for that. regarding the on site inclusionary change from threshold of five to ten, the effective date is set back to january 15th. i think you said to evaluate the effect of the legislation were it to be -- or the ballot measure were it to be passed. but it would seem that i would be thinking the board is already approving this. it would not be subject to change in january. i'm kind of confused about that continuance of the -- >> there is some interaction between the charter amendment and this particular ordinance, where the charter amendment would freeze in place controls at a certain date. inclusionary controls could not be evaluated. this is moving this out. come january 1st our current controls where the threshold is five units would be in place. this would allow if the city reevaluate of getting inclusion near housing funding and units from the five to nine-unit buildings thi
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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